Why I Care

Coming from this place myself, I know how hard it is to express your thoughts when it comes to struggling with depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. With this website and apparel, I hope to create awareness for suicide prevention, and to make it a normal thing to discuss, rather than taboo. No obstacle is too big to overcome, and with just a little hope and a little color in a seemingly black and white world, you can be saved. In the last few years, I've seen too many deaths by suicide, ranging from young to old, but specifically in individuals my age. Because of this, it has been laid upon my heart to stand up and be an advocate for those in need, as I have been in their shoes many times myself. You are loved, you are cared for, and U matter. (Romans 5:8)

*A portion of the sale from each sweatshirt will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention*

About Me

Anthony Broncheau,


My name is Anthony Broncheau, and I am an 18 year old senior at West Salem high school from Salem, Oregon. I have two very loving and involved parents who have made this website and movement possible, along with a very supporting family, and a great group of friends who are always there for me, through the highs and lows of life. I hope to continue my education next year involving a business major in the sports world. Being able to create this website has given me an outlet to help others, and an outlet for me to share my story. Whether I'm next door, or miles and miles away from you, I hope you know I am always here for you, and that U matter.